About Us

 I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana as the youngest of 5 children. I have lived in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana since 2000 excepting for a few months in which I worked and lived in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. In 2005, I graduated from Ponchatoula High School and joined the United States Navy. I earned a degree in Economics from LSU in 2014. Now I would like to be your state treasurer.

My foremost plan for this position is to post the budget on the treasurer’s website right there for the citizens to see. Just as my predecessor did, I will not hesitate to call out the legislature on their overspending. Unlike my predecessor and many of my opponents, I have no intention of being a career politician or using this position as a means to increase my visibility in the eyes of the voters. This is the first time I have run for office. I promise that if elected, I will not be on any 

ballot in 10 years. I believe that politicians should be changed as often as diapers and for the same reason.

When other politicians meet with a police officer, a trucker, a teacher, and a nurse, it is a photo op or a focus group. For me, that is a meeting with my siblings. As a mail carrier, I am definitely the blue collar choice for this position because I have a similar experience in life with the hard working people of Louisiana.